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Atlas I

Thermo- vacuumed acrylic, 3D prints, Aluminium foil

The artwork is part of a research by the artists on the effect of the ecology on the land and people, and the constant need to find new land to inhabit. 

Inspired by 16th century maps such as the "Padron Real", an unfinished map of the world, that was the official and secret Spanish master map used as a template for all Spanish ships.  As well as Theatrum orbis terrarum maps by flemish cartographer Abraham Ortelius, which depicts fictitious animals on 16th and early 17th century maps. 

The Idea of the project is to imagine a map of a futuristic terrain, and creatures that are the result of biological discoveries and technological developement. The object are the outcome of imagined hybridity of plants, humans and sea organisms. A long run effect of genetic engineering as well as laboratory tests. 

"This project is co-produced with the support of Le Cube - independent art room and AFAC.

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