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Magic carpet land

11.11 min, HD Film, 2020

Inspired from the diaries of an Egyptian oceanographer in the 1930 torn between his fascination with the west and his pride in his oriental background . He was part of a British scientific expedition, that took place on the first scientific research vessel in Egypt. The narrative is an imagination of what he's thoughts were, regarding the collaboration with the English scientists and his evolving relation to the sea. Throughout the oceanographer's journey he recalls historical events and memories, that reflect social and political struggles of that time, as it raises questions of nationalism and identity.

The video addresses the conflict of identity. And envisions the dream of a nomadic land that the vessel resembles. 

The film is on view as part of Manifesta 13 Program Paralleles du Sud, curated by Clelia Coussonnet and Inga Lace

10 min HD film

First image © Collectif VOST​

Photos taken by © Jeanchristophe Lett

Film trailer

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